Whitener Grain 250-6

  • Uniform and gentle whitening polish
  •  Intensive cooling
  •  High capacity
  •  Minimum space requirement
  •  Easily adaptable to a variety of products
  •  Low power consumption


The GRAIN 250 6 produces white rice to perfection. Designed to fulfill the highest needs in gentle whitening. It is the perfect tool to obtain best surface treatment at highest whole grain yield.

The machine can be operated and maintained with minimum effort. Due to its optimized sanitation concept, cleaning time is almost eliminated. This machine is versatile enough to be adapted to various other products such as wheat, barley and peas.

Working Principle

The GRAIN 250 - 6 uses the vertical abrasive, top to bottom working principal which has been proven to achieve the highest whole grain yield. The grain enters the whitener via two inlets and is guided into the processing chamber by feed screw. There, it is exposed to careful whitening of the grain surface between the six abrasive rings and the screen. As the rotor is dynamically balanced a smooth running is assured. The whitening intensity is controlled by two easily adjustable means the counterweight of the retaining gate and the gap between rotor and brakes. For coarse adjustment, the vertical brakes attached to the sieve basket and thereby tuning the resistance inside the chamber. The fine setting is one by changing the counterweight position of the retaining gate, thus controlling the pressure. The gravity flow of the product allows a trouble - free restart in case of an emergency shut down.

Aspiration System

The GRAIN 250 - 6 is equipped with an optimized aspiration system that fulfils two tasks very efficiently: it cools the rice and thereby reduces breakage and supports the conveying of the bran out of the whitening chamber into the exhaust system. Therefore, aspiration air is guided partly through the product and partly around the screens. The aspiration hood, being easy to open or remove, gives full access to the heart of the machine. For best sanitation, no moving parts are involved in the bran removal system.

The ammeter and the vacuum gauge allow the monitoring of the motor current and the negative pressure of the applied exhaust system.

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