Silky Polishar ML-4

  • Dust free rice
  •  Ideal flow and packaging characteristics.
  •  High head rice yield
  •  Sanitisd processing
  •  Trouble free operation


The ML - 4 polisher is used in the final stage of processing to produce rice with a smooth, dust free surface which flows freely like water through the fingers.

Clear transparent packs which show the contents are an ideal way to pack the High Poly ™ processed rice which, with its high gloss and pearly luster makes it a highly visible and attractive product on market shelves. If required, the machine can also be used for standard dry polishing.


The ML 4 processes rice in two stage on one shaft:

Humidifier - The rice is evenly coated with a thin film of water. A well controlled water flow rate produces a uniform process.

Polisher - The glossy, pearl like luster is achieved by a gentle rubbing of the rice kernels against each other. The rubbing intensity can be adjusted. The aspiration cools the process and keeps the system clean.

Accurate Water Dosing System

A well controlled flow rate of water and a uniform process are critical in order to achieve an excellent polish on the rice. This is taken care of by the automatic water dosing system which features fine programming of controlling points such as “water on” at minimum load and “water off” at overload. The unit includes a working hour meter which helps determine the service interval.

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