Multy Seive - 5T

  • 5 tray model
  •  It gives uniform quality
  •  Removes broken rice
  •  Low maintenance
  •  Easy to operate

Applications and Features

RMS B Type rice, wheat grading and choiceness is a newly developed product of our company. It is mainly used for grading and choiceness of rice. By use of the size difference crushed rice and wheat, the automatic grading is achieved as they flow on the horizontal rotation screens. As a result, the rice and wheat big crushed rice mid crushed and small crushed rice will be separated from each other by continuous screening through four-stages proper screens. This machines is characterized by compact construction good performance, convenient operation and easy maintenance. Other then that, the productivity of rice and wheat is high because we adopt serial rice and wheat extracting technology in this machine. You needn't cleaning the screen often for the patent of unplugged screen units is used in this machine. And the grume of bran is to be cleaned through the front board that can be disassembled.

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