Grain PC

  • 2.5 units of screens, large inspection area
  • Adjustable through-inclination / free moving cleaners
  • Adjustable air-volume with attached aspiration
  •  Prefect dust/cullection and low-noice and long life


The material is fed by a gravity spout in to the inlet bos of machine. A distribution baffle plate with adjustable slide gate distributes the stock across the entire width of the screen. The stock flows over the upper screen. The through from this first screen drop onto the lower screen while the overs are discharged laterally through the outlet side. The through of the second screen drop onto the bottom being removed at the center of the outlet section of the machine. The overs from the second screen are directed through the outlet section to aspirator separator

Aspiration separator

Husks, Chaff, Small seeds, Insect fragments and broken and hollow kernels can be accurately and efficiently separated by these machines. Vibro separator delivers a uniform products stream over the entire width of the aspirating aspirator. The light weight particles are carried away by the aspirating air flowing throughout the box while the separated and aspirated product drops to the outlet. Owing the widely adjustable rear wall the aspirator rear wall of the aspirator (altering its cross section) air velocity can be regulated so theat the aspirating effects can be optimally adjusted to the products that has to be aspirated.

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