Who we are

We're the SRI RAMA Industries

Srirama Industries provides comprehensive solutions for establishing modern rice mills. Srirama Industries draws from its decades of dedication and experience in the manufacturing of Rice Mill Machinery and is constantly in the pursuit of improving standards. Thanks to the visionary leadership of our founder R.Rangachari, Srirama Industries made rapid strides since its intentioned in 1988.

This technically competent founder brought his experience to the fore in designing the roadmap for Srirama Industries' progress and development. With emphasis on research and development, Sri. Rangachari encouraged innovation and rewarded the sincere and hardworking workforce with incentives.

With an unerring focus on Research and Development, Srirama Industries always brings state-of-the-art technology into the manufacturing of latest machinery. Continuous up gradation of the machinery is a policy at Srirama Industries.

Modification for improved performances and the introduction of latest equipment ensure optimum results for the customers of Srirama Industries. The technologies are upgraded in the fields of Cleaning, Shelling, Polishing, Grading and others for a smooth and hassle-free functioning of the Rice Mill.

Srirama Industries understands the present and future requirements of its customers and alwys strives hard to provide solutions.

Directed by a visionary management and a dedicated workforce, Quality is never compromised at Srirama Industries. High Quality Control standards are defined and maintained at Srirama Industries by everyone. Quality checks are done at every step of the manufacturing process by the experienced technical team. Quality is a way of life at Srirama Industries.

Srirama Industries provides regular service backup to the customers through on-site training and continuous after sales service. Srirama Industries offers services to the customers for proper maintenance of the Rice Mills. Srirama Industries always works hard to ensure better productivity for the customers.

Developing customer-centric competencies and delivering them are the foundation on which Srirama Industries functions. Simply put, customer satisfaction is always a top priority at Srirama Industries.





#23-107/4, OPP. Fruit Market,

Kothapet 'X' Road, Hyderabad-35

Andhra Pradesh, India